Activities of fire-proof glass

Activities of fire-proof glass


    Activity fire window by the fire made of fireproof glass and the fire protection component component system, is suitable for the narrow interval distance of one of the two buildings construction bright window or fire partition, all kinds of interior space needs and integrated fire, with Jane junction, practical, neat and pure and fresh, steel, stainless steel, wood; Level Ⅰ for fire prevention requirements. Refractory time have:2 hours, 1 hour, 0.75 hours and 0.5 hours and 0.25 hours

Implement the standards and specifications:"The fire window" GB16809-1997
                       The building safety fireproof glass" GB15763.1-2001
                       The flameproof glass non load-bearing partition by technical conditions" CA 97-1995
                       "With glass component fire test method"GB/T 12513-2006
                       Fire window details:




1 hour fire window broken bridge series anatomy
2 hours fire window all broken bridge series dissection  3 hours fire window all broken bridge series dissection


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