Toughened glass

Toughened glass



Heng bao chemical tempered glass is to use sodium calcium silicon glass (such as general float glass embossed glass are soda-lime glass) with ion exchange method makes its glass surface to form potassium glass layer, when cooling by potassium glass layer on the surface of the narrow, the inner glass contraction is big, strong stress between layers, thus made of tempered glass.

    Our company owns the nation's largest chemical tempered glass production line, chemical tempered glass processing can be all kinds of shapes, such as: high curvature arc, big different high strength, high strength glass ware, lamps and lanterns of high strength glass, etc.; Can also produce all kinds of chemical tempered glass thickness, such as: glass machine, scanner, such as glass, optical glass.

    The largest size   2200×3600 mm

    The minimum specifications    50 × 50   mm

    The thickness of the glass   0.5 19  mm

   Product performance and advantages:

High heat resistance, heat resistance and general physical strength toughened similar, can improve the heat resistance temperature above 150 degrees, use temperature can reach 200 degrees.
High strength, impact resistance strength is about three times as many physical toughened glass
High roughness, surface deformation, there will be no ripples, easy to make laminated glass processing.
Can be cut again: can overcome physical toughened cannot solve the problem
Don't become granular, burst into a block: after the bursting of the situation as well as ordinary glass.
For processing different thickness: the thickness of 0.5 mm can be processed, 19 mm

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