Crystal silicon TM fireproof glass

Crystal silicon TM fireproof glass


Crystal silicon TM fire-resistant glass is a kind of strong stability multilayer crystal silicon TM fireproof glue and glass compound new fireproof glass. Each piece of glass through 22 process 192 hours to finish the production, is a new type of strong weatherability stable high-quality fireproof glass is made into fireproof curtain wall; weatherability fireproof glass; the exterior with fireproof window for light fireproof glass.
The fireproof glue crystalline silicon TM fireproof glass "crystal silicon" fireproof glue, is a new type of rigid inorganic transparent fireproof glue of our research, which has the advantages of high strength, bonding degree, high transparency, good stability, strong weatherability, good fire resistance, can enrich the form and glass bonding combined into various products with fire and strength function.

Fire protection principle Fireproof principle

When the fire occurs, the fire quickly burst surface of float glass in high temperature, sandwich fireproof glue to foam expansion, high heat and flame absorption caused by burning, the formation of opaque plastic fire, it has strong hardness, can be effectively isolated from the flame, smoke and toxic gases, but also prevent flame combustion the heat.
1. product thickness: 12mm, 20mm, 29mm, 36mm and so on
2.. Implementation standards: BS, EN, 1634-1:2008
3, performance and characteristics:
Meets 30min, (60min), 90min, 120min fire resistance integrity and part refractory thermal insulation of E (C) /EI (A) fire protection requirements;
Excellent resistance to fire and stability;
Block the spread and spread of fire, smoke, and heat;
Sun: can be used in outdoor composite fire-resistant glass; can not afford bubbles, yellowing, discoloration, degumming.

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